Thursday, July 02, 2009

not that good but can be very good....

Last tuesday i got a badminton was organised by Our team member brader Azmi..which was actually not a a tourney la so called friendly game..between us KBR, My Tv3 and KBMM. It was held at Ara Court in Kayu Ara Damansara..Well i had to play doubles but somehow we lost the game in after playing the 3rd set..

Everyone was suppose to play once..but we have another match in the final for the deciding set.. It was us KBR and KBMM to play the deciding set to see who will win that friendly game...Our team members have selected me for the play in the finals..i have to partner with Shahril..he was good tho..Im not that nervous anyway as i get even more excited to play the game..

We won the 1st set..and later lost the 2nd set..but the final set we were trailing by 5 points away down from 16 - 11 and manage to counter back the attack and finally we lead to 20 matchpoint 18. Ni part yang paling sedih..coz we lost the game after a few mistakes i make..i know im not that good but i beleive i can be very good if i train harder..better luck next time!