Saturday, February 11, 2012

Very Large Crude Carrier ( VLCC) a closer view...

Hi all..have any of u guys have the experience being closer to this very large "Mega structure" in the middle of the sea?
Well..if u haven't, today i'm gonna share with you a closer look of this very big mother vessel here in my place Malacca,Malaysia. She's an Oil Tanker.. the biggest so far i've seen. 

Just look at those anchor chain..

I'm just right in front of her "bow" on the "portside" which is "left"

This is an AET Oil Tanker approaching
the mother vessel for "berthing"
Just have a look at that..see the difference?
  They say...."size does MATTER"

Finally they "berthed" using 2 tugs operation.

Finally this is using 2 tugs operation for a daughter vessel with the size of "SUEZMAX" berthed to a mother vessel sized "VLCC" Very Large Crude Carrier. I'm quite amazed of how it's done. So do you? Till next time guys..see ya..