Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Free To Write...

I'm so sad..recently i've got so many tags on my FB page about bersih 2.0
I feel sad for the bersih supporters and really sad to see how the authorities control of the crowd. Normal i can say..u wont get to see that in berita. So i take my time,the whole day browsing you tube's and clicking on the link's that i've been tagged to..The truth is there in those videos i watched. Apa lagi yang nak cover? i hate this phrase saying.. " Kita gunakan kuasa yang minimum untuk mengawal keaadaan" when almost the videos i've watched, i can see there are NO such thing as the so called MINIMUM!! If that's what u say using minimum forces...i don't even know what u're thinking and who are u actually...?

Maybe it's not the usual me talking about political views...but somehow or rather..anyone must have their own thoughts and sayings about what happen the other day..

Stop! I felt like " tak sesuai cakap macam ni"

Ok i'll leave it this way for now...will be back with other best things to share...