Thursday, July 23, 2009

ada lagi sambungan . .

Ok lets us continue with Part 2 from my recent post Khas untuk Kamu . .

I’ve selected some of the pics that i think i wanna share with u guys here.. This is the Final Day of the competition. They will announce the winner by it’s category . . and a overall winner.

This is even tougher than the 1st part coz they (the organiser) limited us from going near the podium where they stand to pose. I nearly give up to take photos of them actually . . coz it’s not that easy to find a spot in the club. It is held at the Boiler Room next to Hartamas Square and it is packed with people’s in the club and other photogs . . Anyway it was all good as long as i can take a few shots.

So here are some photos to be shared . . Enjoy!

she's got talent !

nana, beautiful smile . . ;)

i can't remember she won what category that time . .

overall winner for the competition . .