Thursday, July 09, 2009

still not sleeping...

warrgghh..still not sleeping at this wat do i do? emm lets i've learn editing pics the fast way so im about to upload some of it..hehe memang cepat la cara kau Kahlil Abd Hakim..haha sekarang buat keja kenalah cepat..baru tak ketinggalan..

and yet i've still allot of pics to be uploaded then rather stays there in my 320G external hardisk..ambik gambar memang best...tapi bab-bab editing ni yang paling aku tak suka..sebab memang nak atau tak, i just can say almost everyone nowadays are doing that..i just hate doing editing since i started this..but it is good in certain ways..

here are some snapshots i've taken during last week activities..ENJOY!

and this is Sofea and her dad..

and this cute little girl..left wondering there at the birthday party..she might says..WHY ME??

really is not that easy to take pictures of this cute little ones coz they're quite active and love to run around..specially when they have friends along..i really enjoy the moment and the experience to take their photos..

i've yet to publish this i better make it fast..ok guys im tired and sleepy now..better get some sleep and tomorrow there are allot of things to do.. :)