Tuesday, July 07, 2009

lalalala here i go again..

Last weekend badminton match for ex-SSPians..held at Dewan Serbaguna SSP. There were alot of memories when i look back around the school area..Nothing much different as for the buildings..except there's a new building in front of the Dewan Serbaguna..emm this time i played for Badge of 87 team..and im suprised by those who came here for this friendly get along gathering day..coz there were badge a way way before like 1980's and even 1970's..that year 80's is the year that im born in this world..so cool that they even can form a team for this badminton match..

it all ended at noon..and the champions are badge of 87..ngeh3x..we will pick up the medal later this November if im not mistaken..still a long way to go..hahaha..coz after this they might organising a football match 11 a-side pulak kot..not sure about that..anyway it was a good exercise for Sunday morning tho..rather than sleeping all day!