Friday, July 15, 2011


Finally.. now let's talk about beloved Oakley Limited Edition finally rosak after almost 3 sad.. It happened coz i took less care of it before.. Ye lah sapa nak jaga kalau beli mahal-mahal kan? anyway i thought before that was a pair of an outdoor sunglass yang so called tahan lasak! but it was NOT!! Maybe it's normal for u guys if u buy something thats quite expensive u will take care of it..but it was a different story for me..i normally will use it to the MAX! hehe so that i know when i pay that expensive it'll worth it! what happen actually was my oakley had the lens peeled off.. 

Ducati Monster Dog Limited Edition
It could get me another pair of shade to change the lens of this i decided not to do anything with it. Changed my mind and i this time i wanna go for RAY-BAN. I really like the shape of Wayfarer models. And constantly start looking for it. Hehe as usual i will always go for a rare items, and saw that rayban have a limited edition Wayfarer Rare Prints. So cool!!
 Rare Prints

After browsing for quite sometime i saw this model of the Wayfarer Rare Prints that i really want..
Cool? :)

I really like this looks normal on the outside and fancy in the inside. So i started looking for this pair. I saw this pair in one of the shop at Kuala Sungai Baru but demn it..the price is tooooo high for ME! hmmm...RM 600 for this print! And only 20% je...hmm nampaknya tunggu dulu la OR i should ask other i went to Melaka town to look for 1. And luck was on my side the day i went to look for this pair of Rayban. There's 1 shop in Dataran Pahlawan,Malacca where there are so many wayfarer's and aviator's model. This shop got so many collections of rayban. Finally i get this pair with the price im really satisfied of.. :)

G15 shades under the HOT sun..! cool eh? :P