Friday, February 10, 2012

Another Ship to Ship from a closer view...operation "Un-Berthing"

Hi guys..from my recent posting i've shared some pics of Ship to Ship (STS) with daughter "berth" to mother vessel. Well this time i'm gonna share some more pics while i'm on the bridge together with the pilot "un-berthing" the daughter vessel from the mother vessel with using 1 tug operation.

 1 tug line secured and already prepared to pull the daughter vessel away from her mother.

This is when the tug start pulling the daughter vessel away..

Daughter vessel safely cleared from the mother vessel.

Operation "un-berthing" cleared and the tug are heaving up her line away from daughter vessel.

And the daughter vessel sailing away on to her next port..Bye "MT SAAG SIRIUS".

There you time goes by i will try to share as much more as i can with u guys with this very interesting "berthing" and "un-berthing" big daughter's and mother vessel in my marine life experience. As for now i'm away with the pilot to be back to shore. See ya next time guys!!