Saturday, July 18, 2009

For A Friend . . .

Just look at the title.. for a friend..wuhoo gile ah.. I just feel like writing something about it..

We grew up together,
We went to the same school together,
We ponteng kelas and kantoi sama-sama,
We screw our pastime together. . .
Now look wat happen to u? Ur married! but not yet a Father..

Gua hepi gua dapat datang celebrate besday lu..
Gua hepi tengok lu enjoy kerja yang lu buat sekarang..
Gua harap lu jangan tukar2 kerja sesuka hati lu je...and last sekali..........
Gua hepi lu ada wife yang pot-pet tapi hatinya baik..
Thanks to you
Sit Vicious a.k.a Warden

So enjoy this moment coz its gonna be our last in the 20's year its gonna 30 siott !!

Gonna get get..gonna get get!

Sayang kamu berdua..moga panjang umur dan murah rezeki..and mudahan cepat dapat As junior!

kantoi memula nampak aku datang . .

Just when he thought the dinner is over..then came SUPRISE!!
good job Warden !

great together. . .